Floor Care and Refinishing

Whether you want to re-carpet the living room, add the look and feel of laminate flooring to the kitchen, or transform your entire home with the beauty and elegance of hardwood, Bedoya Management Services is the only name you need to know.

Hardwood Floors:  If you want to refinish your existing floors or install a new ones, Bedoya Management Services are top professionals in the hardwood flooring industry! We offer a full range of services to accommodate your hardwood flooring needs, including: floor installations, exotic woods, fir floors, stains, board replacement or weaving, and top-nailed floors.

We can even use "Green" products
to help the environment!

Tile Floors: Bedoya Management Services can provide tile floors in ceramic or natural stone, glossy or matte, white, colored or multi-colored tile. We offer installation of beautiful tile flooring in any style that suits your home, tastes and budget. Bedoya Management Services can even create a unique design to make your home one-of-a-kind.

Carpet Indoor and Outdoor: Installation, cleaning - Bedoya Management Services can do it all and more!


Kai & Anne Olderog
Homeowners Tuxedo Park, NY

We have used Bedoya Management for an extensive house remodeling and have been thoroughly impressed by the results. Not only did we get top-shelf quality for an excellent price, we also received unparalleled service - a contractor who looks at the project from the homeowners perspective and uses his experience to make value-added suggestions. I have never seen a contractor before who goes to such lengths to satisfy his customers and displays such pride in the quality of his work.

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Tuxedo, NY  l  Phone: (845) 551-1239  l  Email: bedoyaservices@bedoyaservicesllc.com
Bedoya Management Services, LLC  l  Tuxedo, NY  l  Phone: (845) 551-1239  l  Email: bedoyaservices@bedoyaservicesllc.com
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