Property Caretaker

Rest with ease while you are away for the season, a vacation, a weekend, or even overnight. Bedoya Management Services provides personal caretaker responsibilities for your property while you are away.

Contact us today so we can create an individual caretaker service package for you. Some of our caretaker duties are, but not limited to:

Or, how about a package designed for your arrival or departure:

What else can we do to serve you?

Our mission is to provide valued services to local homeowners who can trust us to be dependable, honest, caring and friendly.


Kai & Anne Olderog
Homeowners Tuxedo Park, NY

We have used Bedoya Management for an extensive house remodeling and have been thoroughly impressed by the results. Not only did we get top-shelf quality for an excellent price, we also received unparalleled service - a contractor who looks at the project from the homeowners perspective and uses his experience to make value-added suggestions. I have never seen a contractor before who goes to such lengths to satisfy his customers and displays such pride in the quality of his work.

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Tuxedo, NY  l  Phone: (845) 551-1239  l  Email:
Bedoya Management Services, LLC  l  Tuxedo, NY  l  Phone: (845) 551-1239  l  Email:
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